-Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

On winter nights beside the nursery fire
We read the fairy tale, while glowing coals
Builded its pictures. There before our eyes
We saw the vaulted hall of traceried stone
Uprear itself, the distant ceiling hung
With pendent stalactites like frozen vines;
And all along the walls at intervals,
Curled upwards into pillars, roses climbed,
And ramped and were confined, and clustered leaves
Divided where there peered a laughing face.
The foliage seemed to rustle in the wind,
A silent murmur, carved in still, gray stone.
High pointed windows pierced the southern wall
Whence proud escutcheons flung prismatic fires
To stain the tessellated marble floor
With pools of red, and quivering green, and blue;
And in the shade beyond the further door,
Its sober squares of black and white were hid
Beneath a restless, shuffling, wide-eyed mob
Of lackeys and retainers come to view
The Christening.
A sudden blare of trumpets, and the throng
About the entrance parted as the guests
Filed singly in with rare and precious gifts.
Our eager fancies noted all they brought,
The glorious, unattainable delights!
But always there was one unbidden guest
Who cursed the child and left it bitterness.
The fire falls asunder, all is changed,
I am no more a child, and what I see
Is not a fairy tale, but life, my life.
The gifts are there, the many pleasant things:
Health, wealth, long-settled friendships, with a name
Which honors all who bear it, and the power
Of making words obedient. This is much;
But overshadowing all is still the curse,
That never shall I be fulfilled by love!
Along the parching highroad of the world
No other soul shall bear mine company.
Always shall I be teased with semblances,
With cruel impostures, which I trust awhile
Then dash to pieces, as a careless boy
Flings a kaleidoscope, which shattering
Strews all the ground about with coloured sherds.
So I behold my visions on the ground
No longer radiant, an ignoble heap
Of broken, dusty glass. And so, unlit,
Even by hope or faith, my dragging steps
Force me forever through the passing days

I want you to know
one thing.

You know how this is:
if I look
at the crystal moon, at the red branch
of the slow autumn at my window,
if I touch
near the fire
the impalpable ash
or the wrinkled body of the log,
everything carries me to you,
as if everything that exists,
aromas, light, metals,
were little boats
that sail
toward those isles of yours that wait for me.

Well, now,
if little by little you stop loving me
I shall stop loving you little by little.

If suddenly
you forget me
do not look for me,
for I shall already have forgotten you.

If you think it long and mad,
the wind of banners
that passes through my life,
and you decide
to leave me at the shore
of the heart where I have roots,
that on that day,
at that hour,
I shall lift my arms
and my roots will set off
to seek another land.

if each day,
each hour,
you feel that you are destined for me
with implacable sweetness,
if each day a flower
climbs up to your lips to seek me,
ah my love, ah my own,
in me all that fire is repeated,
in me nothing is extinguished or forgotten,
my love feeds on your love, beloved,
and as long as you live it will be in your arms
without leaving mine

There is a place where the sidewalk ends
And before the street begins,
And there the grass grows soft and white,
And there the sun burns crimson bright,
And there the moon-bird rests from his flight
To cool in the peppermint wind.

Let us leave this place where the smoke blows black
And the dark street winds and bends.
Past the pits where the asphalt flowers grow
We shall walk with a walk that is measured and slow,
And watch where the chalk-white arrows go
To the place where the sidewalk ends.

Yes we'll walk with a walk that is measured and slow,
And we'll go where the chalk-white arrows go,
For the children, they mark, and the children, they know
The place where the sidewalk ends.

Awake, my heart, to be loved, awake, awake!

The darkness silvers away, the morn doth break,
It leaps in the sky: unrisen lustres slake
The o'ertaken moon. Awake, O heart, awake!

She too that loveth awaketh and hopes for thee:
Her eyes already have sped the shades that flee,
Already they watch the path thy feet shall take:
Awake, O heart, to be loved, awake, awake!

And if thou tarry from her, - if this could be, -
She cometh herself, O heart, to be loved, to thee;
For thee would unashamed herself forsake:
Awake, to be loved, my heart, awake, awake!

Awake! The land is scattered with light, and see,
Uncanopied sleep is flying from field and tree;
And blossoming boughs of April in laughter shake:
Awake, O heart, to be loved, awake, awake!

Lo, all things wake and tarry and look for thee:
She looketh and saith, "O sun, now bring him to me.
Come, more adored, O adored, for his coming's sake,
And awake, my heart, to be loved, awake, awake!"

Saturday, February 18, 2012

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Promise You That,

I Will Share All My Thoughts,
& Feelings With You

I Promise You That
I Will Understand Everything That You Do

I Promise You That
I Will Be Completely Honest With You

I Promise You That
I Will Laugh & Cry With You

I Promise You That
I Will Share My Life With You

But -
Most Important Of All
I Promise You That
I Will Love You Forever!!!!!!

I Honestly Tried to ignore You..
I Honestly Tried to Let You Go..
I Honestly Tried to Forget You..
I Honestly Tried Not to Care For You..
I Honestly Tried Not to Think of You..
I Honestly Tried Not to Long For You..
I Honestly Can't...
I Honestly Love You so much
I Honestly Want you You Always With Me..
Even if Sometimes i Get Hurt n Cry,
My Love For You Keeps Going Strong...!!

Take A Step Back.
Look At Yourself.
You Are Human.
You are beautiful
You Are So Beautiful....
And You Can Be Anything.
You Can Be Everything...\O/
Do Not Hate Everyone Because Someone Broke Your Heart,
Or Because Your Parents Split Up,
Or Your Best Friend Betrayed You, Your Father Hit You,
The Kid Down The Street Called You Fat, Ugly, Stupid, Worthless.
Do Not Concern Yourself With Things You Cannot Control.
Cry When You Need To, :'(
Then Let Go When It's Time.
Don't Hang Onto Painful Memories Just Because You're Afraid To Forget.
Let Go Of Things That Are In The Past.
Forget Things That Aren't Worth Remembering.
Stop Taking Things For Granted.
Live For Something.
Live For Yourself.
Fall In Love.....♥" 

► How People Change ◄

They Will Talk To You
Will Become Closer To You
Will Be Your Friend
Will Become Special
Will Become More Than Nothing
Will Keep On Telling That
I Cant Live Without You.
I Need You
I Realy Miss You
And On & On & On. . . . .
Everything Will Be Going Fine
Suddenly They Will Get A New
Person In There Life
In Beginning
They Will Tell You About That
They Will Slowly Stop Talking
About That Person,
They Will Hide Things & Stop Sharng
If You Call,
They Will Say I Will Call
You Later...
LITTLE BUSY Will Talk Later.
Then They Will Never Call You ,
You Will Think That Person Is Busy
This Post Is To Everyone Who's In
Touch Or Not In Touch ... ! ♥ 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

She remembers it all,
All the people who had said
They cared, but did they really?

She remembers it all,
The sound of laughter and
How happy she'd been, but was she really?

She remembers it all,
His arms around her and
He said "I love you," but did he really?

She remembers it all,
The pain she'd felt when he left,
How her heart ached, but was it really?

She remembers it all,
The feeling of being so alone,
The feeling no one cared, but did they really?

But now they'll remember her,
Staring at the knife in her hand
How easy to slit her wrists, but will she really?

My belt loosens slowly. 
Reminders of you stay fresh 
in murky ponds of suffocating tadpoles. 
Wake me in the morning, 
when the sun shines again. 
It's frightening when all I know 
falls apart. 
And all I know is you. 
Hunger squeezes me tighter. 
My soul sags with exhaustion. 
Ashtrays fill with sleepless nights. 
Weeping intensifies my anxiety. 
Can tomorrow come without you... 
here today? 
The cheap chandelier falls on my face. 
The rose filled lamp explodes in my hands. 
Pain is unrecognizable. 
All I knew was you. 
My love.

I waited for your love in hope, 
That ours would come again, 
And make me feel the things I felt, 
When we were one, back then. 

But time and distance have erased, 
The things I wished anew, 
And now I find myself alone, 
Though I am here with you. 

What good is love, that does not touch, 
What good is love, that gives you pain. 
What good is love, that makes you run, 
And makes you lost out in the rain. 

I traveled to another world, 
Out far beyond the one we knew, 
I thought that I could live again, 
And now I find I'm back with you. 

But what of hearts that beat as one, 
And what of passion and embrace, 
Is it too much to ask of you, 
To make these tears of mine erase. 

What good is love, that does not touch, 
What good is love, that gives you pain. 
What good is love, that makes you run, 
And makes you lost out in the rain. 

Too painful this - to journey back, 
To times of love and laughter free, 
The times we lay together with 
A sense of you , a sense of me. 

So now, I journey on alone, 
Forever wandering, in my thoughts, 
And I shall ask you once again, 
What good is love.

Watching you from across the room
sends searing pain through my heart.
I think back to a year ago,
when I thought we'd never part.
My love for you just won't die down -
it just grows with each new day.
I wish you'd dare to look at me
and hear what I have to say;
"I love you and I want you back - "
but these words you just won't hear.
You don't seem to remember them -
all the memories I hold dear.
You were my first kiss, my first love
and now you don't even care.
How could you just blow it away?
We were the perfect pair.
you seem content to let me go -
You're doing fine as you are,
while I'm still missing how we were.
We had the best love by far.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Suna Hai Loog Usse Aankh Bhar Ke Dekhte Hain 
So Uss Ke Sheher Mein Kuch Din Theher Ke Dekhte Hain 

Suna Hai Boley Tou Baaton Se Phool Jhartey Hain 
Yeh Baat Hai To Chalo Baat Kar Ke Dekhte Hain 

Suna Hai Raat Ko Usse Titliyaan Sataati Hai 
Suna Hai Raat Ko Jugnoo Theher Ke Dekhte Hain 

Suna Hai Uss Ke Badan Ki Taraash Aisi Hai 
Ke Phool Apni Qabaaein Katar Ke Dekhte Hain 

Rukey To Gardishein Uss Ka Tawaaf Karti Hain 
Chaley To Uss Ko Zamaaney Theher Ke Dekhte Hain 

Kisse Naseeb Ke Be-Pairahan Usse Dekhey 
Kabhi Kabhi Dar-O-Deewaar Ghar Ke Dekhte Hain 

Kahaaniyaan Hi Sahi, Sab Mubaalghey Hi Sahi 
Agar Woh Khawaab Hai, Taabeer Kar Ke Dekhte Hain 

Judaaiyaan To Muqadder Hai Phir Bhi Jaan-E-Safar 
Kuch Aur Door Zara Saath Chal Ke Dekhte Hain 

Too Saamney Hai To Phir Kiyon Yaqeen Nahin Aata 
Yeh Baar Baar Jo Aankhon Ko Mal Ke Dekhte Hain 

Yeh Kaun Loug Hain Maujood Teri Mehfil Mein 
Jo Laalachon Se Tujhey, Mujh Ko Jal Ke Dekhte Hain 

Na Tujh Ko Maat Hui Hai Na Mujh Ko Maat Hui 
So Ab Ke Donon Hi Chaalein Badal Ke Dekhte Hain 

Buhut Dinon Se Nahin Hai Kuch Uss Ki Khair Khabar 
Chalo Faraaz~ Ko, Aey Yaar Chal Ke Dekhte Hain

Sunday, February 5, 2012

VU Askari