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Saturday, February 9, 2013

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Thursday, February 7, 2013

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I'd like to take this time to say
just how you make me feel.
Your smile brightens my darkest day
and makes our friendship real.

Every time you hold my hand,
I feel butterflies take flight,
and I find myself missing you
each time you're out of sight.

Each morning when I awake,
you're the first thing on my mind,
and I'll protect the special bond we share
because true love is hard to find.

You're someone very special
and this I know is true.
I'm happier than I've ever been
and I owe that all to you.

By George Santayana

I give back to the earth what the earth gave,
All to the furrow, none to the grave,
The candle's out, the spirit's vigil spent;
Sight may not follow where the vision went.

I leave you but the sound of many a word
In mocking echoes haply overheard,
I sang to heaven. My exile made me free,
from world to world, from all worlds carried me.

Spared by the furies, for the Fates were kind,
I paced the pillared cloisters of the mind;
All times my present, everywhere my place,
Nor fear, nor hope, nor envy saw my face.

Blow what winds would, the ancient truth was mine,
And friendship mellowed in the flush of wine,
And heavenly laughter, shaking from its wings
Atoms of light and tears for mortal things.

To trembling harmonies of field and cloud,
Of flesh and spirit was my worship vowed.
Let form, let music, let all quickening air
Fulfill in beauty my imperfect prayer.

Santayana is better known as a philosopher today, than as a poet. But this poem strikes me as a good one, and the closing lines are magnificent. Santayana's influence can no doubt still be felt through his students, who included T. S. Eliot, Wallace Stevens, Robert Frost, Conrad Aiken and Gertrude Stein.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Saturday, February 2, 2013

i am blind from my mind
real story everywhere hide.
ending the democracy
growing on power policy.
nobody don't know
how long a life grow ?
i can see front of me
a little dog walk easily.
i can't trust force hand first
innocent baby die on the dust.
honest rules wrote on the book
before you use that, you get a hook.
my father said me the world be costly
try to love everything easy and slowly.
he also blind, crazy his mind
everybody know that, reality hide.
nobody don't know what is the guide.

Bohat thay mere bhi dunia mein apne magar

Phir ishq hua or hum lawaris hogaye....!!!

Main Apne Aap Ko kahin Adhura Sa
Mehsoos karti Hoon

Na jane Kon Chor Gaya Hai Mujhe
Tameer Karte Karte..!!

Ab Nend Se Kaho Hum Se Sulah Kar Le,
Wo Dour Chala Gaya Hai Jis K Lie Hum Jaga Karty Thy.

Dil ke armaan le jate hai
Humse humari pehchan le jate hai
Toot ker na chahna kisiko
Jaan kehne wale
Jaan le jate hai

Kisi Ki Masoom Hansi Ke Peecchey Dard Ko Mahsoos Toh Kar......!!
Suna Hain Aksar Log Hans Hans Kar Khud Ko Saza Dete Hain......!!

Sirf Aik Hi Aadat Seekhi In
HUSN Walon Sy Hum Ny

Jis Ki Jitni Adaa Wo
Utna Hi Be Wafa..!!

Zindagi Meri Tere Gird
Ghoomti Hai Faqat

Aam Hai Sara Jahan Bus Ek Khass hai tu ♥ ♥